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Smithy Bridge 1908

Alan Godfrey Maps

Smithy Bridge 1908


Godfrey Map Number 81.14. This map fits below the map of Littleborough 1891 (Code 3624) It shows houses along either side of Halifax Rd., New Rd., & Union Rd. at Durnstead & Dearnley in top left corner of the map and a few rows of houses along Smithy Rd. at Little Clegg & Smithy Bridge in the centre of the map, the remainder of the map is farmland. It includes: Calliards Mill (Woollen) & Trafalgar Mill (Woollen) Tube & Fire Brick Works, Broadfield Mill (Dying & Polishing), Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, Rochdale Canal, Hollingworth Lake, Isolation Hospital, etc.
On the reverse side of the map is a list of residents, extracted fron Kelly’s Directory of Lancashire 1916.

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