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Memorable Encounters (Hardback)

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Memorable Encounters (Hardback)

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During his varied career John Nott has encountered numerous interesting people, some household names and others well-known in their field. In Memorable Encounters he has selected twenty individuals to discuss and reflect on their contribution.

His seventeen years as an MP, latterly as a Cabinet Minister, brought him into contact with leading politicians, including Enoch Powell, Margaret Thatcher and Norman Tebbit. While Defence Secretary during the Falklands War he worked closely with Admiral Lewin and General Bramall. As a young officer he served with the 2nd Gurkhas and, through a profile of Humbahadur Thapa, he describes his experiences with these stalwart soldiers.

Nott’s principal career was in the City and he describes the role Siegmund Warburg played in his life.

To add variety and spice, the Author includes personalities whom he came across during his education, farming in Cornwall and pursuing his interest in fishing. Additionally he describes his friendship with impressive characters including Ted Hughes, the Poet Laureate, and Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal. Robin Day, whose interview he famously walked out of, features as does Nigel Farage.

The book is dedicated to Miloska, his wife, whose story is worthy of a work of its own.

All these characters and more make Memorable Encounters an unforgettable read.

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