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History s Most Daring Rogues and Villains: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Pen and Sword

History s Most Daring Rogues and Villains: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Gathered together within the pages of this book is a roguish array of artful tricksters, fantastic fakers, rascally fraudsters and cunning conmen. They all bend the rules and usually the law. Yet however reprehensible their misdeeds, these thoroughly rotten scoundrels often display the very essence of enterprise and adventure. It would be wrong to condone their antics, of course, but it is difficult not to admire their artifice. After all, this sort of raffish crime has spawned scores of anti-heroes in books, movies and TV series. But the stories told here are all true - among the most barely-believable dodgy misdeeds of the past two centuries. Powerful motives drive this book's extraordinary characters as they rampage on the wrong side of the law. Greed is the most usual, ambition is another, lust sometimes plays a compelling part. But many are compelled by no other cause than a perverted sense of adventure. It is these various forces that link the disparate bunch of characters in this fascinating catalogue of crime. If, as the saying goes, the Devil has the best tunes', he certainly also has some of the best stories - and here are some of the most startling case histories. Together they're the diabolically fiendish work of History's Most Daring Rogues and Villains.

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