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Guildhall City of London

Pen and Sword

Guildhall City of London

This is the first ever comprehensive history, guide and companion to the Guildhall, City of London.

After the Romans deserted Londinium, where and when does London’s history restart? The answer lies within the highly visible, but rarely seen, ceremonial centre of the City of London: Guildhall.

This fascinating complex of government buildings is central to London’s development, from Saxon times to the 21st century. It is the scene of royal banquets and historic trials, home to one of London’s finest art galleries and archive to the nation’s most comprehensive library of London books.

Roman London’s only amphitheatre lies beneath, visible today and publicly accessible for the first time in seventeen hundred years. The City of London Police Museum relocated in 2016 to a larger, newly designed, accessible space within Guildhall Library.

A history of Guildhall was last published in the 1920’s. It was heavily bombed in 1940 and this will be the first book to record Guildhall’s remarkable architectural and cultural resurrection since the end of the war. Photographs and images previously unpublished will be included and for the first time this book will also feature a comprehensive guide to Guildhall’s many publicly accessible areas.

Only one British building hosts banquets for British monarchs and visiting heads of state: Guildhall. Only one London building has a continuous story since Roman London: Guildhall. Only one building has governed the City and still directs its future: Guildhall. This illustrated history and companion to one of London’s most important and oldest buildings will prove indispensible to all interested in London’s history.

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