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Salford, Ordsall, Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Church, Baptisms 1877-1912 (Download)

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Salford, Ordsall, Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Church, Baptisms 1877-1912 (Download)


A scanned copy of the original baptism registers 1877-1912 complete with a transcript of the 8,581 baptisms performed and an index to the 36,570 names of children, parents and godparents which appear in the register.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Orsall: 1877-1912

A school-chapel was opened here from the Cathedral in 1866; it is on the site of the present junior school. Baptisms and marriages were performed at the Cathedral until 1868, and as late as 1875 the registers were still kept at the Cathedral. Fr. Brindle was the pioneer of the district during its first two years. Fr. Conway died of typhus fever after being only a year in charge. The next priest was Fr. Huybers.

In 1877 Mount Carmel became a separate parish but its first Rector, Father Richard Liptrott, was a man of very weak constitution and he died in 1878 at the early age of 43. He had studied at Ushaw and Rome; his priestly life had been spent at Barton; St. Patrick's; St. Anne's, Ancoats; Blackley; and the Good Shepherd home.

Father Francis Schneiders then took charge of the mission and built the present church in Oldfield Road, opened in 1880.

During the next ten years several priests were in charge – Fr. Lane, Fr. Thomas Walsh, and Fr. Ahearne. Then from 1890 to 1909 Fr. Denis Sheahan was Rector. He made various additions and improvements, and undertook an extensive rebuilding of the schools in 1900.

Fr. J. Welch, a noted servant of the poor and advocate of social justice, devoted the last 34 years of his life to the people of Mount Carmel. He was appointed in 1909 and died here in 1943. He made a notable contribution to the parish by building the present Senior School in 1931 in order to meet the requirements of the Hadow Report.

Fr. B. Slevin was here for a short time and then in 1944 Fr. Patrick Barron was made parish priest.

Although now in the heart of an industrial area, Mount Carmel parish stands on historic ground. The Cluniac monks once looked after the ford over the river, and their house is reputed to have been incorporated into Ordsall Hall, the seat of the Radclyffe family and a strong centre of the Catholic faith until 1658.

About this Transcript

The information which is contained in this download has been transcribed from the original registers, scans of which are included. Information has been indexed as written. The originals are held by the Lancashire Record Office at Preston.

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