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A Lie Never Dies


A Lie Never Dies

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1901. Queen Victoria has died. Kristina is trapped in her own dark and murky world. Living in fear of her abusive step-father can she ever be free? Yet, how could she desert the step-children she has grown to love so dearly? Working as leading seamstress in Madam’s gown shop, her excellent sewing skills become recognised, and she is offered the position of private dressmaker for a titled lady. Is this the chance Kristina has waited for? But how can she leave the children to starve?
As events unfold homelessness offers little choice. And so her new life awaits. Will Kristina find the love she dreams about? If so, can such a love ever bridge the huge societal divide?
Driven to desperation, the lie that tumbles from her lips leads to unimagined consequences.
And what ancestral secrets does the locket, given to her as a child by her dying mother, hold? Kristina fights to survive in her new world - but can she find the happiness she craves with the man of her dreams?

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