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The Weighver's Seaport - Hollingworth Lake

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The Weighver's Seaport - Hollingworth Lake


The Weighver’s Seaport – The Story of Hollingworth Lake by A.W.Colligan JP 21 x 20 cm (8.25 x 8 ins), 64pp.
This is a short history of the development of Hollingworth Lake Littleborough from 1790 to the present time. It includes a brief record of notable characters and unusual and remarkable events which have occurred at the lake. This small country area nestling at the foot of the Pennine moors, is rich in history and tradition. A hundred years ago the lake was the scene of great holiday gatherings when thousands arrived by train and on foot to enjoy a day in the open air. The Hollinworth Lake is widely known as a centre for countryside recreation, and since 1975 it has become known as a ‘Country Park’. Well illustrated with over 40 photographs that include: Inns, Hotels, sailing vessels, streets, houses, a frozen lake, and one particular photo of the camp where the Manchester Regiment ‘The Pals of 1914’ were camped.

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